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myKMI is a program which is developed for architects, designers, and laminators in the decorative laminating industry.

myKMI can be used in product and sales presentations with architects, interior designers, laminators, and press plate manufacturers.

In the development phase; myKMI is a source for new or existing surface textures. It can also be used as a creative tool to visualize different decors with new or existing embossed surface finishes.

 myKMI is also a communication instrument for design studios in different locations.

The user of myKMI will be able to download décor images as well as Virtual Press Plates to his iPad to combine décor images with virtual embossing plates in order to simulate the look of a traditional laminated product.

The user can chose from a variety of décor prints from different print companies; with simple commands he can download them to his iPad.

Users can also choose from a variety of Virtual Press Plates and download them. All Virtual Press Plates are created from actual engraving data simulating an engraved press plate; we call it “Virtual Press Plate”, for the laminating industry.

As the décors and the Virtual Press Plates are on each individual’s iPad; the user is able to combine any décor print with any Virtual Press Plate of his choice to simulate the look of a laminated product before a conventional press plate is even engraved.

With usual finger movements the user can zoom in an out on the image for a more detailed view.

 It is also possible to show the image without the Virtual Press Plate falling on; simply by “peeling” the Virtual Press Plate off from any side of the image. This way the user will get a realistic impression of how the Virtual Press Plate is affecting the look of the décor.

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