ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certification

Kings Mountain International


Kings Mountain International is pleased to announce that they have successfully completed the audit and requirements to achieve AS9100 Revision C Certification, as well as meeting the standards for ISO9001:2008 certification.

By achieving this certification, Kings Mountain International reinforces its role as a supplier to industrial markets, and offers their processes to the leading aerospace manufacturers and defense contractors. AS9100C is the QMS (Quality Management System) utilized by the aerospace and defense industries, and has rigorous standards for processes and documentation.

“All of our employees have worked diligently to achieve this goal and I’m very proud of their efforts,” remarks, Steve Wagenknight, President. “We all understand that this is the first step in an ongoing process that will keep us continually improving our performance to all our customers”

Kings Mountain International (KMI) is a leader in precision grinding with tolerances to +/-.001” and can achieve +/-.0005” in some applications. KMI is capable of processing 110” x 360”, larger sizes upon request for sheet and plate applications. Surface finishes from 250 RMS to 12 RMS and finer. KMI constantly provides grinding for titanium, steel and other exotic metals.

Kings Mountain International is a global leader in the manufacturing and processing of Press Plates for the Laminating Industry. KMI boasts a full “in-house” press plate finishing service. From design concepts to your press, KMI can fill the needs for all low pressure and high pressure laminate producers.

November 11, 2014

Kings Mountain International
1755 S. Battleground Avenue
Kings Mountain, NC 28086

Dear Customer:

KMI has changed the way we process your purchase orders, and would kindly ask you to arrange delivery of your purchase orders via email to the KMI contacts that are listed below:
   • Don Jones –
   • Bill Trautman –
   • Donna Goins –
   • Keith Wagenknight –
   • Mark Jarvis –
   • Ryan Wagenknight –

To ensure that your purchase order is expedited in a timely manner, please make sure that the above listed contacts are on all future emailed purchase orders.


Kings Mountain International

January 2015

KMI is pleased to announce that a critical technology upgrade to our facility has been completed and is fully operational. This project was the finalization of a major upgrade to our chrome plating facility. KMI has invested a large amount of time and resources to assure “state of the art technology” throughout our facility. This state of the art upgrade has increased throughput, efficiency, in some cases increase size capacity, and to assure for continued reliable processing that you have come to expect from KMI. Our technical team is available to further discuss advantages, and opportunities. For further info please contact

In order to bring this new equipment online it was unavoidable that KMI shut down our large plating facility, and we had chosen a time that we hoped will give our valued customers the minimal inconvenience. Starting on December 20th, 2014, our large plating facility was not available, and the anticipated startup was to be no later than January 30th, 2015. During this time period our larger chrome processing will not be available. This had affected many of our LPL customers and we apologize for this inconvenience, but the benefits for this delay was to continue KMI's service of quality and improve upon our cabilities in many avenues especially to keep up with new textures and processing methods. KMI has strived to stay ahead of the curve in using state-of-art technology to create unique and

Although the rest of our plant will continue to operate during this time frame, we will work with each customer to find the best solution to meets your needs. We ask that for all re-glossing, the material arrives at KMI no later than Dec. 15th to assure processing prior to the shutdown. For questions please contact Don Jones, Bill Trautman or Donna Goins You can also visit our web site for the latest updates in our news section.

Thank you,

Don Jones
Sales Manager
Kings Mountain International

September 24, 2013     KMI launched the newest version of the myKMI app on the App Store. Download the myKMI on the App Store

August 16, 2013     KMI is proud to announce we are members of the ITA “International Titanium Association.

KMI will be exhibiting in the following venues:


Kings Mountain International will also have a representative at the following shows available for meetings. If you would like to setup an appointment, please email us at
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Kings Mountain, NC 28086 USA
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