ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certification

Kings Mountain International


With the wide variety of products, combined with the creativity of developing customized solutions, we are your innovative partner for high end press plates and precision grinding.

The directive at Kings Mountain International, Inc. has always been its sensitivity to the changing marketplace, the industries we serve and a dedication to provide innovative solutions to the most complex manufacturing challenges.

Our experienced staff is utilizing state of the art computer technology to present design variations and solutions prior to production.

Custom tailored soft and hardware is used to transfer the digital artwork to the steel plates.

Digital chemical machinery guaranties a natural and consistent image reproduction throughout the plate manufacturing.

Kings Mountain International’s most modern texturing and ability to provide excellent gloss and depth consistency on our matte and textured finishes.

Customer Lounge


1755 S Battleground Avenue
Kings Mountain, NC 28086 USA
Tel. (704)739-4227
Fax. (704)739-4223
TTY HELP: (704)739-4227 Ext. 130
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